As fantastic a love story as the hit movie Ghost
except this is REAL!

JOYride Has Won an eLit Book Award—Silver Medal for Best Inspirational/Spiritual Digital Book of 2011

I. J. Weinstock speaks about his new memoir “JOYride”

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Listen to Jerry Weinstock’s 1-hour interview with Dave Shrader on Fox News Radio (11/8/2011)

“Jerry Weinstock talks about his new memoir, JOYride, and how he reconnected to his wife, Joy, on the Other Side, and continued their love for each other…”

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The Rites of Joy”

by I. J. Weinstock

If you think Life-After-Death is hard to believe…
Wait until your hear about SEX-After-Death!

Recent surveys reveal that 74% of Americans believe in life-after-death. I don’t just believe it, I’ve lived it. My story will blow your mind. It blew mine and it happened to me! I’d heard of life-after-death stories, but SEX-after-death?

I was blessed to experience a great love. Fittingly, her name was Joy. We were more than soulmates, we were a “match-made-in-heaven.” Our love was so fulfilling, I felt I could die happy. But when I lost her to breast cancer, I was devastated and wanted to die. Then something miraculous happened—in the depths of my grief she began to communicate with me from the Afterlife. Through words, visions and dreams, she led me on an incredible journey to heal my grief. And ultimately, (like in the final scene of the movie Ghost,when Patrick Swayze uses Whoopi Goldberg’s body to kiss Demi Moore), Joy found someone—a willing medium—through whom she literally loved me back to life.

The first time this occurred shocked me. I was receiving a massage from a good friend—the woman who’d given Joy her last massage a week before she succumbed to breast cancer—and I had the strangest sensation that Joy was there! I heard her and sensed her. And, of course, I immediately thought, I’m just a grieving widower imagining this fantasy to console myself.


Praise for JOYride:

Jerry, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for sharing these stories with the world!  You are so blessed to have had the love you shared with Joy, and we all are so blessed to have you share that love with us! — Jeannie B.

JOYride is an extraordinarily candid memoir.  Reading it will be incredibly inspiring and healing to anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. — William K.

After finishing JOYride I’m left in awe of both the author’s (and Joy’s) capacity for celebrating love and each other…for celebrating LIFE in all its flavors.  This celebration was and continues to be so extraordinary. — Annette R.

JOYride is a raw and revealing account of one man’s descent into the hell of grief after losing the love of his life. And how miraculously she communicates with him from the Afterlife and ultimately makes love to him to heal his unbearable grief.  I’ve never heard of anything like it. Reading this book has transformed my ideas about everything! Keith M.

As a facilitator of grief groups, I have read much of the literature available on the challenging subject of grief.  I must commend the writer for providing a deep and meaningful roadmap through the most terrible terrain of the loss of a spouse.  He shows what is possible when one fully embraces this experience and awakens through it to a richer place than one could imagine. —Suzanne S.

JOYride is a love story for the ages and a testament to the eternal nature of love and the transformative possibility of grief. — Arielle W.

As in the ancient Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris, both the author and the Egyptian god were shattered and died. In the myth, the goddess Isis gathered all of Osiris’ scattered pieces and put him back together again. She couldn’t find his penis so she fashioned one out of gold and sang him a song until he came back to life again.  Joy, like Isis, “sang” the author back to life in the sacred sexual Rites of Joy. The author and his late wife are an example of the myth come to life. How amazing that they recreated the ancient myth for modern times in the language of the 21st Century. As for the golden penis? In the case of JOYride, it wasn’t a literal one but rather an experiential one, experienced in the ecstasy of the supernatural Rites of Joy. Tatiana P.

The author’s faith & courage to fly into the unknown is a great example to others who live their lives in fear. — Jonathan M.

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