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A terrible family tragedy has inspired two extraordinary accounts of life-after-death communication.  Like the beautiful lotus flower that grows in the mud, out of a pool of blood, brutality and a blatant miscarriage of justice—in which a mother was murdered and her teenage son wrongfully convicted of the crime—has blossomed two memoirs of hope and spirit about communications from the AfterLife.

Out of a Brutal Murder & Miscarriage of Justice Come Messages of Life-After-Death & Eternal Love

Joy Mitchell Lisker wrote a memoir about her conversations with her then husband, Bob Lisker, after he died in 1995 entitled, LOVE EVER AFTER:  How My Husband Became My Spirit Guide.
Bob Lisker’s previous wife had been brutally murdered in their Los Angeles home in 1983 and his 17 year old son, Bruce, despite pleas of innocence, was convicted of the murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.  Bob’s torment about losing his wife and his son drove this conservative lawyer, former marine and pillar of the community to attempt to contact the spirit of his dead wife to find out who killed her.  This set the stage for the Afterlife communications Joy wrote about in LOVE EVER AFTER in which she describes the impact this tragedy had upon Bob Lisker, and the Afterlife perspective he gained after he died.
Besides spiritual wisdom and helping Joy with her grief, Bob Lisker also gave her a 12 step program to meet a new love and after six weeks of using it she found Jerry Weinstock.  So they were literally a “match-made-in-heaven.”

Joy and Jerry enjoyed 10 wonderful years together during which time they visited Bruce in prison and spoke to him on the phone almost daily…and Jerry gradually became Bruce’s “father figure.”

When Joy died in 2007, Jerry was grief-stricken until she began communicating with him from the Other Side.  She guided him on an extraordinary healing journey and ultimately, like the final scene of the movie “Ghost,” she found a willing medium through whom she literally loved him back to life.

These inspirational memoirs will help you live more fully, find the love of your dreams, or, if you’ve lost a loved one, heal your grief .

A month after Jerry completed his memoir, JOYride: How My Late Wife Loved Me Back To Life, Bruce Lisker’s conviction was overturned and, to the accompaniment of TV cameras and front page headlines, he was released from prison after serving 26 years for a crime he did NOT commit.  Now 44, Bruce came “home” to live with Jerry  as he took his first steps towards freedom and rebuilding the life that he lost.

With Bruce free, Jerry began to see their story in a larger context. In this “afterlife saga” (described in both memoirs), Bruce’s father and step-mother become “spirit guides.” It’s wild! It’s crazy! And yet it’s true! And the odds that Bruce would ever regain his freedom were just as miraculous.

Out of the Lisker family tragedy have come these inspirational messages of life-after-death and eternal love. It’s said that the Lord works in mysterious ways. Why this brutal murder and miscarriage of justice has generated two testaments to life-after-death is a mystery one might call The Joyful Redemption.

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